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Many eye patients have benefited from the technology used by Dr.With CustomVue custom wavefront LASIK, the goal of surgery was no longer to equal the best glasses or contacts, but actually to exceed the quality of vision of glasses or contacts.Wavefront Technology has improved the visual outcomes of patients and provided significant advantages over conventional LASIK.

She uses only the most advanced laser technology and equipment from VISX, the global standard in innovative vision technology and medical equipment.

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Sure, traditional LASIK is effective, but Wavefront technology allows for an even more accurate correction o.

Wavefront LASIK Knoxville | LASIK Laser Vision Correction

Wavefront LASIK, also called custom LASIK, is a more precise method of correcting vision than conventional LASIK.

In wavefront custom Lasik, PRK, LASEK, and Epi-Lasik, the excimer laser uses wavefront information to change the shape of the cornea by ablating tissue.

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Custom Wavefront LASIK Topography-Guided Excimer Laser. Dr. Lewis is the first in the Philadelphia area with this FDA approved breakthrough for LASIK Dr.

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In 2002, the FDA approved the first wavefront-guided custom LASIK application.Contoura Vision is suitable for people with nearsightedness with or without astigmatism.In 2002, the FDA approved Wavefront technology as a more precise method of correcting vision compared to Standard LASIK techniques.

Custom Wavefront Lasik Surgery an Alternative LASIK

The first thing I would like to mention is that your corneas are a bit thinner than average.Custom Cornea or Wavefront guided treatment is even better than traditional LASIK and goes beyond reshaping the cornea based only on the prescription.

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A highly specialized camera aptly named an aberrometer- is employed to scan the eye for a full visual range of aberrations.

Wavefront aberrometry is the secret to this custom mapping process.New advanced technology has made it possible to introduce a new form of San Diego LASIK, Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK, which delivers the best possible results for your vision.Advanced CustomVue WaveFront corrects your vision according to the individual imperfections in your eyes.Do not watch if graphic eye surgery is too intense - may be NSFW.

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Custom Allegretto Wavefront LASIK Washington DC Maryland

Wavefront is actually used in two separate ophthalmic events.

Advanced CustomVue LASIK - Maloney Vision Institute

Wavefront Custom LASIK | Carolina 2020

Wavefront technology offers LASIK surgeons the most advanced, cutting-edge and state of the art LASIK procedure available.Standard LASIK is the term now used for the older computer programs for the excimer laser.Lewis is the first in the Philadelphia area with this FDA approved breakthrough for LASIK.VisuMax, the femtosecond laser, creates the LASIK flap, and Wavelight EX500, the excimer laser, performs custom ablation and sculpting of the cornea.

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